Joe’s Weather Blog: The cold came and is going away + a bit of snow? (WED-1/30)

It’s one cold morning out there…so far the lowest KC has been is -5° up at KCI Airport. IF that stands, and we may have dropped a bit more in between hours…our record of -7° will stand for the day. The next record to watch is for the coldest high temperature. As it stands now…that’s +7°. We’re shooting for 8° today…but that record may be more vulnerable because clouds will be moving in and the risk of some snow is developing.

I must admit…when I was flipping through the channels this morning I saw one station say there was a change in the data/forecast and mentioning the snow risk this afternoon. Got a good chuckle from that one since that’s what I’ve talked about since Monday as you well know. It may not happen or it may be just to the north of town…but when I tell you something a couple of days ago that others pick up on the morning of…I get a kick out of that!

  • Forecast:

Today: Increasing clouds and cold! Highs 5-8° with some light snow possible this afternoon. It will be close to the city and it could impact rush hour tonight if we get more than a dusting. I’ll keep the same dusting to 2″ forecast with an emphasis more towards the 1″ or less potential. This may slide just north of here…but it’s too close to discount in my opinion. Wind chills start at near -20° this morning and get better this afternoon.

Tonight: Steadier temperatures with still cold wind chills…perhaps still below 0°. Lows should be 0-5° and may come up to about 10° towards daybreak.

Thursday: Partly cloudy and not as cold with highs close to 35°

Friday: Milder with highs well into the 40s

  • Discussion:

Well after seeing wind chills close to 70 below last night across a few areas of the upper Midwest…I’m thinking some are getting over this nasty cold weather. I was wondering IF we would cave for a couple of hours last night when we had a wind surge and gusts to around 30 MPH for a few hours…it may have been a secondary push of arctic air.

The center of the arctic high is right on top of the region this morning…

Our temperatures could’ve been 5 to 15° colder IF we would’ve had a few inches of snow on the ground. That’s what happened this morning in northern MO. Lows of 15 to 20 below (maybe colder) have been reported. Wind chills even worse. St Joseph fell to -9° (at least-tying their record low for today). Chillicothe and Kirksville fell below -10°…and Kirksville fell to at least -16°. Spickard, MO (Grundy Co) came in at -20°

This isn’t perfect but these are 8AM temperatures which will be the approximate lows…

Numerous record lows have been set across the upper Midwest today already. Chicago is down to -23° this morning…a few degrees away from tying their all time low of -27°. They may try for that tonight. It’s the equivalent to us tanking to -19° (our all-time low is -23°-done twice-in 1989).

In case you’re interested the state all time lows for KS and MO are both -40° set back in 1905 via @SteveBowenWx

Meanwhile more records are in play tonight into Thursday morning.

OK onto the snow risk.

Still there.

Radar this morning shows some returns happening north of Topeka.

Now the air is VERY dry. Typical with cold air masses of arctic origins and the wave that’s helping to create this potential snow isn’t too strong. Initially it will take some time to saturate this air mass and to get snow to actually fall but there are a couple of light snow reports showing up in Nebraska

As a matter of fact the air above us was so dry at around 5,000 feet up that it went off the chart when the weather balloon was sending back it’s observations this morning.

The dew point at around 4,900 feet was down to -46.5°…giving us a humidity of 6%!

So it’s going to take some time to get this saturated.

Again though it’s worth mentioning and paying attention too for the evening rush hour just in case…for some it may be flurries for others it may be a dusting and for some it may be 1″ or so…odds favor from KC northwards for this risk.

OK that’s it for today…the feature photo is from Richard Brown up in Maryville. Notice the deeper snowpack up there..hence the much colder weather this morning.

I’m going to take a day or two off from the blog I think unless something warrants one.


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