Kansas City Zoo moving some animals inside as temperatures drop

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- This cold can be brutal on animals not used to this type of weather, which is why Kansas City zookeepers prepare months in advance.

Every animal has an indoor enclosure where they can escape, and maintenance workers insulate the doors and windows of these enclosures to keep the cold air out.

They have generators ready to go should the power go out and heat lamps where the animals can go to warm up if need be.

Some animals such as seals, polar bears and otters don't mind this cold and will stay outside most of the day.

Zookeepers say every species has different needs when it comes to handling extreme weather.

"We have parameters for every single animal we have and that tells us when they can go out, when they should be in, and sometimes maybe if we just give them access to their holding areas so they can choose," said Sean Putney, Sr. Dir. Zoological Operations. "So it’s based off their needs."

Ironically, the penguins all stay indoors when it's this cold because some of them can't handle it.

Some are not from Antarctica but from South America, and it's just too cold for them.

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