With more pet pigs being abandoned in KC, local rescue group calls it a ‘crisis’

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Wayne Gassman never planned on getting a dog or a cat. With his own video production business, Gassman never imagined himself as a pet owner.

But as it turns out, Gassman doesn’t have a dog or a cat. He has a pot-bellied pig -- a couple of them actually.

“I would never have imagined having a pig in my kitchen,” Gassman said.

Gassman fosters pot-bellied pigs because of a growing problem in the metro. More and more people are buying pot-bellied pigs as pets without any idea what they’re getting themselves into.

Some assume the piglets will remain that small or, even worse, some unethical breeders sell the piglets as "teacup" or "mini-pigs" with the false promise the animals will remain that size.

When the pot-bellied pigs grow to their normal weight, which is often more than 100 pounds, many decide they no longer want to own a pig as a pet.

That’s why so many of the pigs are being abandoned all over the metro.

“We are in a crisis. We are absolutely in a crisis,” Kayli Houk with Kansas City Pig Rescue Network said.

Houk and her colleagues routinely take in and adopt out pigs. But there’s only so much they can do.

She's urging anyone interested in adopting a pot-bellied to do their homework.

“They’re such amazing, brilliant creatures,” she said.

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