Frigid Weather Perfect for Ice Festival

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LEWISBURG, Pa. — Some people in Lewisburg are actually very happy about the freezing cold weather because the 16th annual Heart of Lewisburg Ice Festival started on Friday.

From frogs, to hearts, and even a buffalo, there are more than 30 ice sculptures on Market Street in Lewisburg for the 16th annual Heart of Lewisburg Ice Festival and people enjoyed looking at all the designs.

This week’s frigid temperatures forced people inside but the ice festival encourages everyone to bundle up and embrace the cold.

Robert Higareda of Dimartino Ice creates three sculptures at the festival.

He says this is ideal weather.

“It’s great for us. It’s easy to put things together. You put a little water and it freezes right away. It makes it easier to do things,” Higareda said.

“It doesn’t matter what the weather is, they come. It doesn’t matter if the ice is melting, they come,” said ‘Kathy Snyder, the owner of Brushstrokes.

There is a chocolate tasting tour, a Frosty 5k, and even a polar bear plunge.

“It’s just so neat to see the community come together and sponsor things like this. It adds a lot of hometown feel to Lewisburg,” Jim Kohl said.

The ice festival also brings people to the shops in downtown Lewisburg and some of the businesses are even offering a 15 percent discount.

“That works pretty well. People come in stores they’ve never been in just to go check it out, so it’s a lot of fun,” Snyder said.

The Heart of Lewisburg Ice Festival runs through Saturday evening.

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