Family of three sisters helping William Chrisman basketball excel this season

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- There's a family affair going on within one metro basketball program.

Taking fruitful steps gets easier when your teammates are also loved ones. William Chrisman High School's girls basketball program is our FOX4 HyVee Team of the Week.

The David Sisters, who are members of the Bears basketball club at Chrisman High, are a team within a team. Just ask Jennifer, a high school junior, Jacqueline, a sophomore, and Jaleena, who made the varsity team this season as a freshman.

"It's fun playing with my sisters," Jennifer David said on Tuesday. "I get to play with my sisters and show everyone what my sisters and me can do together especially with our team."

The David ladies come from a basketball-minded family, and while the girls are all different, they say they love to win, even if they are known to argue as teenagers do.

"We are very competitive," Jacqueline David said.

The David girls won't divulge what they complain to one another about, but they handle their playful discord with a laugh. There's even a fourth sister, Jazelle, who, at eight years old, is already playing competitive basketball.

"That's for behind the scenes," Jacqueline David said between loud laughs.

Scott Schaefer, who is in his fifth season as Chrisman coach, said he's accustomed to seeing teenage sisters gripe and make up. He raised three daughters of his own.

"I'm used to dealing with some of that at home when my kids were growing up. I see a little of that sometimes in practice, but for the most part, it's real positive and they're trying to help each other, especially the younger one that's come along this year," Schaefer told FOX4.

The Davids are a visible part of a victorious Chrisman program. The Bears (17-2) have looked potent throughout the season, and in recent years, they've seen success at the district and conference level. However, this sisterhood wants to challenge for the first-ever girls basketball state championship in school history.

FOX4 awarded this recognition to a team of sisters, including the ones with the same last name. The Lady Bears aim for win number 18 against Fort Osage on Monday night.

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