Drivers shocked to see anti-Trump message on Gladstone traffic sign

GLADSTONE, Mo. -- A traffic sign in Gladstone alerted drivers to more than a road change.

As Mikka Brown and her husband drove down Englewood Road Monday morning, they were shocked to see the message "I hate Donald Trump" on a road sign.

"We could not believe what we were seeing," Brown said.

Brown is a self-proclaimed Trump supporter and voted for him in 2016.

"There are people that bash him all over, and I don't agree with everything that he does, but even if it was someone that I didn't support or vote for that became the president, I would not be childish enough to go to that outlet in order to express that opinion," she said.

Brown said the person responsible for the message was inconsiderate.

"I think at that point you're going a little but too far because you're causing a distraction. If there had been a wreck there, someone could have been injured," Brown said. "It's just, there are other ways for you to express your opinion that don't cause harm to other drivers and distractions."

Chris Foster was one of those distracted drivers. He did a double take when he saw the sign. He voted third party in 2016.

"I really think it's sad," Foster said. "Hatred and people wanting to basically say they hate something, and probably very few will do anything to make anything better. I'm a vet, and I support my president as I would have supported Hillary if she would have won. "

The construction sign is in Gladstone, but crews put it there to warn drivers about a Kansas City, Missouri, project.

Gladstone officials found out what happened from Brown, and public works contacted the construction company, VF Anderson.

A spokesperson for the company told FOX4 someone broke into the sign, which is owned by subcontractors, over the weekend. Someone used the keypad inside to change the message. Once they were made aware of the situation, the company removed the sign and replaced it with a new one in just over an hour.

Still, Foster calls what happened sad all around.

"Anytime you spread hatred and say you hate anyone, I think that's negative," Foster said." I think that rips at the fabric of our country."

Before it was replaced, the board also said, "I love PewDiePie."

That's the name of a Swedish YouTuber, who is controversial because of remarks some say are racist, homophobic and anti-Semetic. Neither Brown nor Foster was familiar with the YouTuber.

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