Hallmark releasing Patrick Mahomes ornament, ‘Itty Bitty’ toy to celebrate Chiefs QB

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Patrick Mahomes is one of the most-loved athletes in Kansas City right now, so Hallmark is harnessing that pride to keep the excitement rolling in the offseason.

To celebrate the Chiefs quarterback -- and NFL MVP -- Hallmark is releasing a Patrick Mahomes "Itty Bitty" as well as a keepsake ornament.

The Itty Bitty comes with a Mahomes jersey and his signature headband and hairdo, and it will fit in the palm of your hand.

The KC-based company said it's hoping to connect with fans through the Chiefs success.

"We wanted to celebrate a hometown hero through Patrick Mahomes through the great season he had," said Rhys Loring with Hallmark.

"As the season got further in, we just couldn't get over how well the Chiefs were doing and, of course, Patrick Mahomes," Hallmark artist and designer Matt Johnson said.

And just like Mahomes, Hallmark had to call an audible at one point to create the products.

The company said it normally takes about a year to create a keepsake ornament. But the Mahomes ornament will hit stores in just a few months.

Johnson, the artist behind the project, said he's thrilled with how the ornament turned out.

"I think in this pose he's just airing one out, and we love the idea of just a great dynamic ornament," he said.

The ornament, which costs $19.99, is available now both online and in Hallmark Gold Crown stores. The Itty Bitty, which will cost around $9, will be available this summer, just in time for Chiefs Training Camp.

Hallmark said it's also working to develop two other Chiefs ornaments.

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