JoCo police encouraging Ring camera owners to share video to county-wide network

OLATHE, Kan. -- There's proof in pictures.

Johnson County police departments are networking to fight crime by sharing video clips, both with the public and other law enforcement agencies. Think of it as a high-tech neighborhood watch, using Ring doorbell cameras to provide visual aids.

Cities in Johnson County sit closely to one another. That's a big reason law enforcement agencies here are forming a network of people who already use Ring doorbell cameras.

Sgt. Logan Bonney, spokesperson for the Olathe Police Department, met with leaders from four metro police agencies Wednesday, all of whom are participating. They're encouraging users to download the Neighbors mobile app, which will allow them to quickly upload helpful video clips to local police.

"We think this is giving the citizens a voice," Bonney told FOX4 on Wednesday.

Thus far, police agencies from Lenexa, Overland Park, Shawnee and Olathe are already signed up. Bonney said he's expected a couple others to join soon.

Olathe police demonstrated the Neighbors network, where Ring doorbell camera users have the option to upload video files to the app, and thereby, the network, where police and other homeowners can be aware of what's happening.

"The hope is we're going to deter crime because more and more individuals, we hope, will have this app and have some type of surveillance equipment. In doing that, we hope we're going to be able to identify people more quickly and make arrests," Bonney said.

Under this plan, police won't be able to monitor other participating cities' pages on the Neighbors app, and they can't monitor cameras live. However, they're hoping the app will encourage Ring users to share video.

Olathe police also said they'll receive one donated Ring camera for every 20 residents who download the Neighbors app. In turn, they'll give that camera to someone in need from their community. Police in KCMO started using the same program in October.

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