Artist places giant heroin spoon sculpture in front of pharmaceutical company

COVENTRY, R.I. — One artist is making a strong statement through cutlery.

Domenic Esposito forged an 800-pound metal spoon and put it on the sidewalk Thursday outside Rhodes Pharmaceuticals in Rhode Island.

Why a spoon? It represents addiction because heroin users often use spoons to turn the drug into a liquid form so they can inject it.

Esposito said big pharma has played a major role in creating — and profiting from — the opioid epidemic.

That’s something he has personal experience with. He said his brother has been battling addiction for 12 years, and he wants others to avoid it.

“My talent is art and metal working. That’s what I love to do,” Esposito said. “I’m using that talent to try and bring awareness and accountability to the opioid crisis.”

Oxycodone is among the drugs Rhodes Pharmaceuticals manufactures.

This isn’t the first time Esposito has erected a heroin spoon in front of a pharmaceutical company. The Boston-based artist did the same thing with a similar sculpture in June at Purdue Pharma as part of his “Opioid Spoon Project.”

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