Metro school districts trying to figure out how to make up all those snow days

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The harsh winter weather continues to challenge metro school districts. Now, they're trying to figure out how to make up for all the snow days they've missed.

The Missouri Department of Education doesn't allow minutes to be added to school days to make up time. One day must be added for every snow day unless the number of snow days hits seven. After seven days off, districts only have to make up a single day for every two days.

If there are 13 or more snow days, schools in Missouri are only required to make up 10 days of classes.

Districts across the metro are handling the snow days differently.

In the Center School District, parents, teachers and taxpayers will have a say in when kids make up snow days.

The district will send out surveys and take the results to the Board of Education. This year, Center has had eight snow days so far. The district now has to figure out when to make up that extra day. Center already built in six snow days -- they'll go until May 31.

But have to figure out when to add that additional day.

"We are going to go to our parents, our community members and to our employees to ask them what are some of the options that they would be comfortable with for us to make up that 7th day," said Christina Medina, Center's director of communications. "So we move on through June and continue school through June, or so we remove one of the days that our students are already to be scheduled to be off before June."

A decision will be made by Center's Board of Education, hopefully by its meeting at the end of next month.

Here's what some other districts in Missouri are doing to make up for lost school days.

North Kansas City will add six days to the end of the academic calendar. Pending board approval, May 31 will be the last day of school.

With eight snow days so far and three make-up days in the calendar already, Raymore-Peculiar's last day of school is now May 29 with an early dismissal.

Blue Springs added the day after Easter break back to its calendar. They have four days to make up -- but don't know when the last school day will be yet.

The Park Hill School District doesn't have built-in make-up days and is expecting to make up the snow days at the end of the year. But the district is still deciding on the final calendar.

On the Kansas City Public Schools' website, make-up days are listed through May 31.

Hickman Mills has had nine snow days this school year, and the last day will now be June 6 -- unless additional days are canceled.

Smithville Schools will now have classes until June 7.

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