TSA shares top 10 weirdest items it confiscated in airport security in 2018

The TSA runs into a lot of strange stuff every day at security checkpoints. But on Monday, the agency shared some of the weirdest things they’ve found in people’s carry-on luggage.

TSA released a Top 10 list of the “most unusual checkpoint finds of 2018.”

No. 7 on the list: an entire snake, hidden inside a bag, which was inside what looks like a computer power supply. Sounds like another attempt at “Snakes on a Plane” that we’d all like to keep on movie screens.

Taking the No. 3 spot: a giant pair of scissors.

The TSA actually allows scissors less than 4 inches long in carry-on luggage. But these scissors definitely exceeded that limit. We’re guessing they were for some kind of ribbon cutting.

And the No. 1 weirdest thing last year? It was what appears to be a very good replica of Freddy Krueger’s bladed glove. The costume piece must have been a bit too believable.

Check out the entire Top 10 list in the video player above.

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