Illinois firefighter with Down syndrome returns to department after officials apologize

SANDOVAL, Ill. - An Illinois volunteer firefighter with Down syndrome has returned to the department after officials apologized for firefighters bulling him.

Jason Eagan

Jason Eagan became a volunteer firefighter in Sandoval in 2016. There was debate when he first applied, but he passed the physical test and completed all the paperwork so the fire department could not refuse him.

Eagan's sister Kristin Sian wrote on her Facebook account Thursday that Eagan quit due to harassment. She said that several firefighters allegedly made fun of Eagan, calling him names and removing him from the emergency paging system.

His family reportedly contacted attorneys and disability advocates. They wanted the individuals who harassed Eagan to be held responsible. His aunt also met with firefighters.

KTVI, FOX4's sister station in St. Louis, reported late Monday that the fire department will meet Tuesday night and likely talk about the issue.

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