‘Enough is enough’: KC community calls for end to violence after 15-year-old’s murder

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Hours before they gathered for their mid-week church services, several fired-up Kansas City pastors united and delivered passionate pleas.

"Kids are dying. I mean they are dropping. We have to stop these shootings and this gun violence," said a frustrated Pastor Marvin Kirkwood from Contagious Life Church.

"In reality, we are losing our children one by one to this disease called homicide," said Michelle Metje of the group, Corey's Network.

The moms of murdered kids, pastors,  business-owners and parents are outraged after hearing a 15-year-old girl was shot and killed Tuesday night while at a basketball game  at Central Academy of Excellence.

"The death of this 15-year-old is just senseless. We have to come together and address these issues concerning our young people and anyone involved in gun violence. Our young people especially are crying out," Pastor Marvin Johnson said.

"At some point, I shout and I tell our community, black lives have to to matter to us. And then we say all lives matter in this city; at least they should," said Pastor Brandon Mims of Metropolitan Church of Christ.

We're just two months into the new year and 16 people have been killed in Kansas City. Fifteen-year-old Angenique Wright is the youngest so far.

"It doesn't make any sense that our young people can't even attend basketball games, enjoy senior night or go to a mall because they're dying," Pastor Marvin Kirkwood said.

"All of this violence is just detrimental to our community," Mims said.

The disgusted church leaders said Kansas City's ongoing crime problem won't be solved until more parents, school leaders, clergy leaders and city leaders come up with concrete solutions that will push troubled youth and adults to not resolve conflicts by picking up guns.

"It's about us all coming together as a unified team and saying enough is enough. We can march. We can protest, but now we have to put some work behind that faith, so we can change our city," Kirkwood said.

"So until we as a community get mad, it won't happen," said DiMond Pigge, the chief executive officer at Golden Gate Cremation Services where the pastors met Wednesday.

On Feb. 21, the pastors and other leaders will hold an anti-crime meeting to map out their next plan of action. It will be held at Contagious Life Church, located at 7546 Troost in Kansas City, Missouri. The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. and is open to the public.

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