‘I just want him back’: Metro man says French Bulldog was stolen at Rosedale Park

ROSEDALE, Kan. – KCK police are investigating a dog-napping that happened Wednesday night at Rosedale Park.

Scott Oswalt was playing disc golf with his friends at the park when he claims a man stole his 10-month-old French Bulldog, Bleu Cheese.

“I let him off leash for a little bit, and the next thing you know he’s snatched up,” Oswalt said. “It just happened so fast.”

Oswalt saw the man, who he described as white, maybe middle-aged with a normal body build, get out of a white SUV or hatchback.

“I didn’t know what he was doing,” Oswalt said. “I thought my dog was close to me.”

Bleu Cheese

When he realized the man had his dog, he started yelling and running toward him, but the man drove off down Mission Road.

“We waited by the road up there for 30 minutes to see if he would come back or give me a call, but I got nothing,” Oswalt said.

He spent part of Thursday afternoon hanging fliers in and near the park.

Oswalt got Bleu Cheese in August after his English Bulldog of 11 years died.

“He means everything, you know. It’s just me and him,” he said.

Oswalt doesn’t know why the man would take his pup, but the breed isn’t cheap. He paid $2,500 for Bleu Cheese and said he would do anything to get him back.

“I will give you the reward money,” Oswalt said. “Drop him off at a shelter. I’ll meet you anywhere. I just want him back.”

He said if he gets Bleu Cheese back, he’s never letting him off the leash when they’re in public.

Bleu Cheese is micro-chipped and has a collar with his name and owner’s phone number. If you know who has the dog, call KCKPD or Oswalt – no questions asked.

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