Metro stores selling winter necessities stay busy despite snowstorm

KANSAS CITY, Mo -- Many people opted to stay home from work Friday, but for others, it was one of the busiest days of the year.

O’Reilly Auto Parts scrambled to keep up with the demand on windshield wipers and fluid.

“People don’t know they need them until they use them,” manager Juan Ramirez said.

That was the case with Peter Evers.

“I realized about 10 to 15 minutes into driving. If you have old wipers, they all are going to start clogging up," he said.

It's also a lesson Leighann McDonald learned. An emergency popped up while she was driving from south Overland Park to North Kansas City. Her windshield wiper froze then broke off on the highway.

“It was really terrifying,” she said. “It was my driver’s side, so I couldn’t see. Totally iced over and I was trying to get off or over as fast as I could.”

Nodie Lindsey-Evans fought the slick roads so she wouldn’t get snowed in and hungry this weekend. It took her an hour to drive the normally 5-10 minute trip to the grocery store.

Hardware stores were also slammed.

“Snow shovels and ice melt, snow shovels and ice melt,” said Chris Socha, manager of Euston Hardware in Prairie Village.

The demand for ice melt hasn't slowed down since the last big storm, but it was round two for folks needing shovels.

“People have been in to buy more show shovels because they are breaking them,” Socha said. “They are using it as an ice chisel rather than a snow shovel, and they don’t last very long when you do that.”

Not everyone fought the treacherous roads for necessities; some are slipping around to have fun.

Brendon Jenks went out to buy sleds for his three children.

“The kids are out of school. We are going to have fun,” he said.

It’s an idea Clark Griswold can get behind.

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