Metro parents feeling the stress after so many snow days

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Their schedules change as the weather forecast fluctuates. Working parents are feeling the frustrations as kids in some metro school districts have missed as many as 15 days of classes due to the weather.

Andrea Dalton works in the Behavioral Health Unit at Truman Medical Center and she's also a working mom with two kids.

"I feel like I have all these balls in the air I'm trying to juggle," Dalton said.

Part of that demand includes rearranging schedules when metro school districts say school's out.

"We're so maxed out and overwhelmed that we don't do the things that meet the needs we have," Dalton said. "We do things that kind of gloss over those needs. We kind of get by."

Dalton recommends an approach rooted in self care. That includes avoiding bad habits and dietary slip ups. And keeping to schedules, whether school is in session or not.

"When we're overwhelmed, we default to things that are not that healthy for us. We'll eat the entire box of Cheez-Its while sitting in front of Netflix for three hours."

Practices such as meditation, journaling and exercise can help weary parents beat the snow day blues. Dalton also suggests acceptance that we can't control the weather and its effects.

"This is the season of my life, and it's going to be disrupted, and I can look forward to another day when it won't be."

Dalton reminds parents to care for their mental health too . And something as simple as deep breathing at a traffic signal can help. She agrees that if parents don`t serve themselves, they can`t serve their kids as well.

The stress may be getting to young people as well, according to a recent study. The American Psychological Association said 34 percent of teenagers say they expect their level of stress to rise in the coming year.

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