For seniors, finding help shoveling can be complicated, but easier in some metro cities

OLATHE, Kan. -- A fresh coat of snow in the metro means the shoveling isn't done yet.

Some seniors and other people who physically can't shovel rely on relatives to come to the rescue. But if you don't have family available to help, you could end up with a dilemma.

In Kansas City, there isn't a program to help older residents in need clear their driveways and sidewalks. But in some places in Kansas, there are groups that can help.

About two decades ago, the City of Olathe organized a snow assistance program.

"It allows Olathe residents 62 and older or people who have a disability to apply for snow removal assistance," said Adrienne Lund, with Olathe Parks and Recreation.

Volunteers can apply to be part of the Snow Brigade. Right now, there are 80 matches.

"Some of our volunteers take on multiple homes, and we have a few people on the waiting list, about 20-30 homes on the waiting list."

Olathe tells people about its Snow Brigade online -- and also through the city's newsletter and local paper to reach those who may not be computer or smartphone saavy.

Lawrence has a similar program called Safe Winter Walkways. Volunteers clear walkways and sidewalks for people who can't do it themselves.

FOX4 checked with the United Way to see if they connect people in need with shoveling. They said they don't have a nonprofit that provides those services, and recommend people contact churches or programs that help seniors with other services to connect with volunteers.

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