Metro man warns of costly Kansas matchmaking company with dozens of unhappy customers

LEAWOOD, Kan. -- A metro company promising to help you find love is under fire.

Dozens of people who signed up for matchmaking services through Kansas Singles say they're not getting what they paid for.

There are so many online dating websites and apps, it can be hard to know what's right for you. So when a single dad went looking for love and saw an ad for Kansas Singles, it sounded like the perfect fit. But now he wants to warn others to be careful dealing with this company.

The Kansas Singles website is full of pictures of happy couples and promises: "No games -- no gimmicks."

"I was vulnerable and I answered the ad on Facebook. Took their quiz/survey and was contacted by a matchmaker. They invited me to hear about the program," said Jay, who asked FOX4 not to use his full name.

He went to the Kansas Singles office in Leawood. The woman he met with boasted about all the happy couples they'd set up and promised he'd be a catch since they had more women than men in their dating pool.

"They say we're better than the onlines because we do all the screening for you. They do background checks," Jay said.

He put down a $500 deposit and was given a total price for five or more dates of nearly $2,600.

"Everything I filled criteria wise for what I wanted in a match -- they didn't hear," he said.

Jay said the only matches he was offered lived hours away. And the final straw was when matchmakers tried to set him up with a woman 15 years younger than him, when she wasn't OK with it.

"I guess I'm a hopeful romantic and never had done anything like this and thought maybe I'd try it," he said. "And it was a huge stupid fit to sink that kind of money into it."

And he's now sick to his stomach to learn he's not alone.

FOX4's affiliate station in Wichita exposed similar problems with Kansas Singles there. There are scores of complaints on Google reviews, giving the company "zero stars" calling it a "complete scam" and many customers said they waited "months without getting a date."

"I have to be honest, there's not one of the ladies I went out with I could see being married to and they might think the same thing," Jay said.

And despite a local office, state records show the business is actually located in Oklahoma. Its parent company has been sued multiple times, including one fraud case settled for over $10,000.

Jay just hopes by sharing his story, others will be careful signing up for a matchmaking service that could leave you cash- and heart-broken. He's also filing complaints with the attorneys general in Kansas and Missouri.

FOX4 reached to "Kansas Singles" and its parent company in Oklahoma, but have not received a response.

They've replied to many concerned customers online saying in part: "Our service is most certainly legitimate, and has matched hundreds, if not thousands, of singles who came to us for help finding a loving relationship."

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