Lenexa police arrest four with suspected ties to ‘Felony Lane Gang’

LENEXA, Kan. -- Lenexa police arrested four people Friday who they suspect are part of the Felony Lane Gang, thieves who often target women at gyms, parks and day cares.

An officer, his K-9 and some old-fashioned police work helped crack the case.

Lenexa Police Sgt. Ryan Sumner and his K-9 partner Leo spotted a gold car in the area around the hotels at 96th Terrace and Lenexa Drive commit a traffic violation. He remembered that matched the description of the car possibly connected to a car break-in and theft at the Lifetime Fitness on Renner the day before.

"It was that officer's investigation, that officer digging, doing good police work that uncovered not just a speeding violation or running a stop sign, but people that are involved in serious crimes," Master Police Officer Danny Chavez said.

From top left, clockwise: Alexis Adams, Dejon Dokes, Raven Freeman and Lincoln Brison

Alexis Adams, Raven Freeman and Lincoln Brison were charged with identity theft and are being held on $100,000 bond at the Johnson County Detention Center. Dejon Dokes is being held on a misdemeanor drug possession charge after Leo found drugs in the vehicle that the group from Arkansas were riding in.

Police couldn't go into detail about the evidence they uncovered, but said it connected the four not only to the crime the day before, but others around the metro.

Chavez said Felony Lane Gang crimes have been on the rise in recent years. An entire task force has been created online to try to catch the thieves.

"Someone is in a gym working out. They come outside; their window is busted, and a purse, wallet, whatever it is they left behind in the vehicle is gone," he said.

Catching members of the Felony Lane Gang often isn't easy.

"These folks may spend 48 hours in the metro area, and then they are off to Des Moines or Omaha or Wichita or Denver," Chavez said.

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