Metro parents are hoping for no more snow days

LIBERTY,  Mo. -- The districts are in a tough spot. If they are in session, they`re accused of putting student safety at risk in bone-chilling temperatures. If they call off school, parents wonder if their children are missing out on valuable class time.

Places like Above All and Run Fun in Liberty certainly benefit from snow days. But parents who spoke with FOX4 argue: does anyone else?

Some districts are approaching double-digit snow days. That has parents questioning how the decisions are made.

"I think because the streets are clear enough, we'll still have school tomorrow," Abby Crockett said, a Park Hill mother of three.  "It'll be the temperature for the reason we don't have school. I hope we have school tomorrow."

Every parent who spoke with FOX4 said they didn't understand what compels districts to call off school.  "I would say it would be nice if the process was a little more transparent," Ryan Albarelli said, a Park Hill father of two. "If they would publish a little more about what they`re doing, it would be a little better."

"On the other hand," he continued, "if they do that, then everyone`s going to try to hold them to the letter of the law."

For most districts, it`s at the discretion of the Superintendent.  That means factoring in road conditions, sidewalk conditions, and the security of students.

Here's what the Kansas City, Missouri Public Schools website states regarding its school cancellations.

But there is no hard and fast rule about amount of snowfall denotes a Snow Day or temperature or Wind Chill reading constitutes a Cold Weather Day, even though that's exactly what parents want.

"I think parents, if given an option," Albarelli said, would find a way to get their kids to school."

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