KC officer awarded for finding driver who illegally dumped more than 50 tires months later

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City police officer made it his mission to find out who illegally dumped more than 50 tires last year in the Ivanhoe neighborhood.

Video cameras recorded the incident back in August. Then this week, Andy Hamil, a community interaction officer, earned a special award from the KCPD chief for his dedication to that case.

Hamil reviewed video of the dumping and said he committed to memorizing every detail of the truck carrying the tires. Dumping that amount of materials is considered a felony.

Six months later, he was off duty and on his way home from work. He saw the truck, followed it at a safe distance and alerted on-duty officers. Those officers arrested the man for illegal dumping. Once again, the man's truck was filled with a large amount of tires.

KCPD Chief Rick Smith and Officer Andy Hamil

Hamil said he promised KCPD Chief Rick Smith he would catch the man accused of dumping the tires. He said it's an honor to receive an award from him.

"Ivanhoe has its issues. That's why we've gone and made it a project, myself and my partner," Hamil said. "The illegal dumping, that many tires, that just chaps everybody's hide. It's ridiculous. Just taking a dump on a good neighborhood."

He warns people to just pay the fee to properly dispose of your items.

"We know you're dumping," Hamil said. "We're watching everybody. Those people who have dumped, even though it might be a while ago like this one, we're going to be looking for you and we're gonna find you."

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