Overcrowded Unleashed animal shelter in Mission sounds the alarm for help

MISSION, Kan. -- For the past three weeks, Danielle Reno and her team at Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption Center in Mission have rescued dozens of dogs and cats from all around the metro.

Many came from hoarding situations. Others are strays.

"We got in some cute, little pit bull mixes during the round-up, and these puppies were living under a house. Basically just an unwanted litter," said Jacob Meyer who works at the no-kill shelter that's located at 5918 Broadmoor.

Now, the shelter is packed with 150 puppies and dogs and 70 kittens and cats. They're batting one of the worst overcrowding situations they've seen since the shelter opened seven years ago.

"It's just been horrible. There's so much need, and we're not one to sit back. It's pretty bad right now. Adoptions aren't as high at this time of year, as usual," Reno said.

Cats are in every corner in one room. Dogs are doubling up or confined to tightly fit cages. Shelter workers are doing the best they can to keep the animals comfortable.

The good news: Many are no longer wandering the streets.

"They can't survive out there, so we're bringing them in here. It's caused a problem. We're just full," Reno said.

Full with four-legged ones from all kinds of breeds.

"We have tons of puppies. Dogs that are also a little bit older. If that's what you're looking for, we got it. Senior dogs that are great pets as well," Meyer said.

Paul Street and his wife spotted an beautiful, blue-eyed white husky on the shelter's website Thursday night.

On Friday, the couple drove from their lake home in Mound City, Kansas, and adopted their new friend.

"There's so many sitting in these cages and they just need good homes and there's lots of people that need an extra friend," Street said.

"We desperately need more foster homes. We need more adopters," Reno said.

For more information on how you can help the shelter, just call Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption Center at 913-831-PETS OR or go to their website.

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