Independence man stops for soda at KC gas station — ends up attacked and carjacked

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- In broad daylight on Saturday, an Independence dad made a quick stop at a gas station for a soda and ended up getting attacked.

"I'd never been inside that place before," said the man, who asked FOX4 not to reveal his identity.

It will likely be the man's last time at the gas station near 39th and Elmwood in Kansas City. He said after he bought the soda, he was walking back to his vehicle when, in a flash, a young man approached him.

"I had the door on my 1998 Ford Expedition opened, and I was just about to leave, and he said, 'Hey sir, do you have a light?'" the 57-year-old recounted Monday afternoon. "I said sure, and when I turned and reached into my shirt pocket for my cigarette lighter to give him a light, he hit me with that gun. I kind of grabbed for it, we wrestled a bit and then I let it go because I knew he could fire it at any time. He then hit me all across my face with the gun and stole my truck."

He now has cuts and a nasty bruise on the left side of his face.

"It happened so fast, and I mean, it was just crazy, the Independence man said. "He didn't ask for no money, my billfold, watch, jewelry or nothing. He just wanted my keys and my truck."

He said after the man stole his SUV, he sped off

The bleeding victim ran across the street to his friend's home and called the cops.

Police said about six hours later when they caught up with the suspect and arrested him near Newton and Ewing streets, 20-year-old Derrelle Walker was driving the carjacking victim's stolen SUV.

Court records reveal just last year Walker pleaded guilty to robbery and resisting arrest. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, but later placed on probation for four months.

Walker is now facing new charges of robbery and armed criminal action for Saturday's alleged actions. As of Monday night, he was still in jail.

"Man, to be just 20 years old and doing stuff like that, that's just crazy. He shouldn't be out on the streets. I hope this time he gets the maximum penalty," the Independence dad said.

He said he's learned a tough lesson after all that.

"It just makes you think twice about trying to help people. I will now be more careful. I feel real lucky. Lucky to get by truck back and lucky to be alive," he said.

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