NKC will say goodbye to Kelso’s after 50 years of business

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For 50 years Kelso's in North Kansas City has been pumping out pizza to the metro, and Tuesday night the restaurant will pass out their final pizza before closing for good.

The restaurant announced the news last week on Facebook. They didn't give a distinct reason for closing, but they did give thousands of people over the years a place to go.

The comment section of the goodbye post was full of people reminiscing about time they had spent at Kelso's.

"46 years ago Patric and I saw each other at Kelso's and started dating. Married now for 44 years!" Teresa Warren McCracken said.

Brian Anderson added to the memories, "Chiefs summer training camp, we would go in and wait for 'curfew call' in the evenings. Everybody would be staring at the metal spiral stairs to see who's coming up from the basement bar."

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