Joe’s Weather Blog: I came back for this? (THU-3/14)

Good Thursday…my goodness it’s windy out there! Still getting gusts to over 50 MPH s well this morning as Wind Advisory continues…colder air is moving in as well this morning so the high of 58° that occurred overnight will not be replicated this afternoon…as they say it’s all downhill from here  guess. The winds will gradually drop off as well (slowly) over the next 24 hours too. This was one whooper of a storm. Record-breaking in terms if air pressure for CO…close to it in KS…and with 100+ MPH through the western mountain passes of Texas yesterday…and close to 100 MPH winds in a few areas of CO as well…on doozy of a storm!

  • Forecast:

Today: Cloudy skies with some drizzle/showers possible this afternoon. Windy and colder with gusts over 40 MPH and wind chills in the 30° range. IF there was a day that could be labeled blustery…this would be it.

Tonight: Some flakes of snow may mix into the rain at times..cold with lows eventually dropping into the 20s towards daybreak Friday

Friday>Sunday: Chilly then becoming seasonable over the weekend…or closer to it. 45-50° Friday then 50-55° over the weekend. Nice overall with more sunshine. The winds will still be breezy on Friday and again on Sunday…not as strong as today.

  • Discussion:

Well the winds keep churning along today. There are several thousand folks without power this morning as well because of wind related issues. Gusts have been between 40-55 MPH overnight…

It was a monster yesterday undergoing a phenomena more associated with nor’easters in the Ocean than what we would see in the Plains region at least. A phenomena called “bombogenesis”

Now “bombogenesis” is an actual meteorological term. It means rapid intensification of a storm…in excess of 24 millibars in 24 hours…the millibar reference is in regard to the pressure reading of the center of the storm.

In the case of this one…it tanked to just shy of 971 mbs…which equates to 28.70″. It set a record in CO for the lowest air pressure

In western KS…the pressure was as low as it ever has been in over 100 years…

That though will fall short of the state all-time record by just a little bit…but just barely.

I’ve seen my share of big storms before…did you know that March is not unusual for big blizzards in CO…but 80-100+ MPH winds with one in the Plains is unique…40-60 MPH…I get it…but over 100+…wow!

Look at the morning surface map…see the cyclonic flow…noted by the wind arrows…

At 8AM this morning the storm was in western IA…

The map above shows the storm’s current position…the black lines are isobars..or lines of equal pressure.

Imagine trying to launch a weather balloon in that environment…as they did up in SD yesterday evening.

The snow aspect of this was impressive in the western Plains especially…

When I was flying in yesterday I noticed all the moisture in the farm fields coming into KCI…I’ll get some pictures posted tonight…but obviously there is a lot of agricultural flooding out there especially. With the cold weather…the snow…the frozen ground and all the rain we’ve seen…the fields are a muddy mess and it’s going to take awhile for things to dry out.

The sunshine and the breeze over the next few days will help the cause…at least for the topsoil.

There are no strong systems coming over the next week or so…so we’re not going to get a lot of moisture through the middle of next week.

Today the risk of severe weather will be east of the region…


Tornadoes can’t be ruled out as well.

Between the storm and all the other systems over the past couple of months…obviously the rivers are nearing or over bankfull for many parts of the region…the MO River especially will be watched. It’s also a matter of what’s happening across the northern Plains too…and there are a LOT of flooded areas up there…obviously that water will be draining through the MO River basin in time.

and over the next few months…a greater than 50% chance of flooding will occur, especially for the MO River.

OK that’s it or today…see you tonight on FOX 4 News at 5/6/9/10.

Our feature photo comes from Sandra Cox…


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