Nebraska flooding leave many homeless

BELLEVUE, Neb. — Flooding through much of the state continues to push homeowners out of their houses. The latest evacuation in Bellevue was at the Green Acre Mobile Homes over the weekend.

Margie Guy is one of those residents told to evacuate. She also owns a small business in town.

Friday, she, her two children and their dogs evacuated because of rising flood levels from the Missouri River.

“I do have two homes in Green Acre. One is a total loss, and the other one at this point is still an unknown,” Guy said.

Shortly after Guy spoke with 6 News on Saturday, she got a phone call from a friend, who snuck back to the trailer park. Guy’s second property, where she and her two children lived, was gone.

“I have my business at least. I mean, I can be here. Do I know where I’m going to stay tonight? No, I don’t. Do I know where we’re going to stay tomorrow night? No, we don’t,” Guy said.

Her children are able to stay with their father. Guy said she knows enough people in Bellevue that she will be alright, but others might not be.

Guy told 6 News Green Acres is in a flood basin. For most who live there, flood insurance is too expensive to afford.

“Numbness. I mean at this point I don’t know. I don’t know that anybody knows what’s going to happen next,” Guy said.

Many people are now without homes and likely to miss work.

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