Grain Valley police using technology to put the brakes on residential speeding

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. -- Law enforcement in Grain Valley has reached its limit with speeding in residential areas. So the Grain Valley Police Department is using technology to deter drivers.

Jack Francis lives in the neighborhood where police put up one of their two digital radar indicators. He said his 16-year-old spotted it first.

"She's like dad there's a speed sign out here be careful. I guess she thought it would maybe be taking pictures or what not," Francis said.

Pictures and video? No. But Officer Matthew Arends said every two weeks it does send data, including total vehicles, average speed and max speed.

"They also show times when these speeds were occurring so we can take those and go sit at them and do enforcement in our vehicles," Arends said.

During a two week period at two locations in the city, police found the average speed was under the limit, but there were a couple cars clocked going 50 mph and 55 mph in a 25 mph zone.

With warmer weather and summer right around the corner, Arends said that max speed is a concern because more kids will be playing outside.

"Let's say they're rolling 40 or 50 miles per hour down a residential street, and something 30 feet in front of you comes out. You're not stopping, it's not going to happen," Arends said.

Francis admits, he's seen the "Slow Down" reminder illuminate when passing by, but that's why he thinks it's a great tool.

"It's helped me and I've seen people when they see it, they hit the breaks."

Arends said the radar signs will be taken to different residential areas every two weeks. Grain Valley residents can recommend the next spot to put the speed reading sign by emailing,

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