Here’s how you can help those affected by flooding in the Midwest

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The relief that nonprofit organizations provide, like bottled water and shelter, is critical to flood victims.

The Salvation Army and Red Cross are asking for your help collecting donations and stocking the shelves. After sounding the alarm for bottles of water, the Salvation Army received more than 200 cases in the Kansas City area.

"We were able to get those waters to Holt, which the levee just broke and so the water was there in time to assist those families who will need it. And now they're trapped by the closed highways there," Maj. David Harvey said.

The water comes in as fast as it flows out.

"Just this summer a whole side of the warehouse was full of water and Gatorade," Harvey said.

The boil order has increased meaning more water is needed for flood victims. Red Cross Disaster Program Specialist Teri Layton said they also provide water, snacks and lunches for people bagging sand.

"Sandbagging is rough work if you've never done it. It's not easy," Layton said, "and nobody wants to stop. It's a huge job."

Layton said around 15 volunteers are assisting displaced families at shelters up north. But more will be needed if levees continue to break, flooding businesses, homes and cities.

"They come to a shelter because they don't have anywhere else to be that's safe," Layton said. "We provide an environment that's going to be very inviting."

The Salvation Army's aid to families doesn't stop after the water recedes. They provide "cleanup kits" equipped with the essentials such as a mop, bleach, gloves, garbage bags, brooms and a bucket. Each kit costs $25.

Harvey said the Salvation Army in Chicago got this area started with 100 kits, but Kansas and Western Missouri may need more.

"A clean up kit just like the water when you hand that person a water it refreshes them and it lets them know that they don't have to leave their home in order to care for themselves. We bring it to them," Harvey said.

Donate $25 or more here. You can also volunteer with the Red Cross at here.

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