KC residents frustrated after 311 complaints ‘closed’ with potholes still unfilled

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City's public works crews are continuing to fill all those pesky potholes. But some residents are now frustrated, feeling the city's been deceptive in how it's responded to some 311 requests for road repair.

Deep holes dot dozens of streets around Kansas City.

"I just find this an utter disgrace and embarrassment that we can't get this fixed," Waldo resident Frank Sereno said.

So Sereno has been doing exactly what the city's asked. He's reported several bad potholes to Kansas City's 311 action center.

"I worry about my safety as I ride motorcycles. If I hit one of these craters, if it's 6-8 inches deep, 3 feet long, I really fear I'm off the bike and could be hurt or seriously injured," Sereno said.

One of the worrisome potholes he's reported is near 82nd and Cherry. He reported it to 311 back on January 22 and was thrilled to get an email from the city Monday, showing it had been fixed.

But much to his surprise, while riding his motorcycle that night, he spotted that very same pothole: untouched.

"I feel like I'm just let down by the city again," Sereno said.

And he's not alone. Ellen Nies got word Saturday several 311 requests she'd made for pothole patching are now "case closed."

"I was doubtful, so we walked up there and nothing was fixed," Nies said. "We walked by again at noon and nothing was done, and then we walked by again at 5 p.m., trying to give them the benefit of the doubt and still, nothing had been done."

The city's public works department tells us the 311 center's been inundated with pothole patch requests. Over the weekend, it started "batching cases" to close them out. They should've been marked "forwarded to public works for repair."

One of Nies' requests was marked that way. But Sereno's were just dead wrong, showing actual asphalt had been used.

And every day potholes remain untouched, neighbors say they just get more dangerous.

"This isn't going away. We really need some city leadership to step up and fix the problem," Sereno said.

The city tells FOX4 anyone with concerns can submit a new 311 request, which Sereno has done, and his road is apparently on the list for planned repairs.

As the case load becomes more manageable, the city will move to its standard way of processing requests, in which they are left open until the problem is resolved.

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