Park Hill South High School student charged after being caught filming up girls’ shorts

RIVERSIDE, Mo. — A 17-year-old Riverside, Missouri high school student is facing multiple charges after he was caught multiple times filming up female students shorts or dresses.

Jared A. Scott was charged Wednesday in Platte County with six counts of invasion of privacy.

According to court documents, two victims at Park Hill South High School reported on March 13 that they believed Scott was filming up the shorts of one of the victims with his cell phone while in the snack room at the high school.

One of the victims stated they observed Scott commit the act and believed he had done the same thing to her while in the senior hallway last fall but did not report it.

After reviewing surveillance footage from the snack room, a third possible victim was identified and Scott was identified as the suspect in the video.

A detective with the Riverside Police Department reviewed the video which showed Scott kneeling down behind two of the victims in the snack line, according to the probable cause statement. Scott gets abnormally close to each victim while he has his phone out and facing up. Scott is seen holding the phone close to the floor at an angle in which the phone could capture up the shorts and dress of the two victims.

Scott was confronted about the accusations and the surveillance footage in which he stated “he bent down to get a better view of the girls’ butts.” He denied using the cell phone to take pictures but stated “he used his cell phone as a prop for bending down behind the girls and if caught planned to tell the person he was getting a rock out of his shoe.”

A school resource officer was given consent to search Scott’s phone in which an application used to record and store videos and images was found and was password protected. The app allowed the camera to be used while still displaying a black screen and allowing it to go unnoticed to others.

Several images and videos were found of girls wearing shorts, skirts and dresses. The photographs were taken at an angle showing the private areas of several of the victims. Numerous pictures and videos were also found of Scott attempting to photograph under girls’ shorts or dresses in which he failed to capture under their clothing.

A detective attempted to conduct an interview with Scott in which he refused to speak without an attorney.



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