Henri the English bulldog wins contest to be Cadbury’s newest ‘bunny’

WILMINGTON, N.C. — Meet this year’s Cadbury bunny. But don’t let the ears fool you. He’s not a bunny at all.

This year, Cadbury did something different. The chocolate company held a contest to pick the star of its next clucking bunny commercial, and Henri the English bulldog from North Carolina and his wrinkles beat out thousands of other contestants.

Henri the English bulldog

Before you think it’s odd to cast a dog, think about Cadbury’s commercial for a second — it’s a bunny that clucks like a chicken. So why not a dog?

Henri’s owners are thrilled with his win and becoming part of advertising history.

“Its been a part of our lives since the ’80s, so our kids grew up with it,” Kathie Santillo said. “Our kids’ kids are going to grow up with it, and Henri will be a part of it, which is an amazing dream come true.”

Cadbury is giving Henri’s family $5,000 and donating $10,000 more to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. That should help with Henri’s training to become a therapy dog after his 15 minutes of fame have expired.

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