Weather Aware: Storms likely with strong wind, lightning, hail

Iowa farmers send hay to flooded communities in Nebraska

They are images that have stirred many emotions in the past week. Images of homes and livelihoods lost.

“It’s tough to see them people in that kind of shape.”

They’re the images that stirred Ely, Iowa farmer James Garnant into action and in Mount Vernon.

Robert Broulik had the same idea.

“We said, ‘you know, we should take some hay out to the guys in Nebraska,”‘ Broulik said.

After a phone call and some small town “telephone” spreading the word.

“There’s two other farmer who donated hay, some people that knew we were doing it gave us money,” Garnant said.

Around 75 bales left eastern Iowa for Columbus, Nebraska Friday morning. An amazing collaboration that came together in just three days.

“Took us better part of the day yesterday to just get the trucks ready and get the hay loaded, get it tied down, get it ready to go. You know, it’s a long ways out there,” Broulik said.

It doesn’t matter the miles they’ll go. What matters is that they’re going.

“It’s just kind of what the farming community always does,” Garnant said.

“When you have livestock and things go wrong, I can only imagine having to feed them after you’ve saved them. Somebody’s gotta help. So that’s what we’re gonna do,” Broulik said.


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