Lakeside Speedway owner talks plans to open track for race season after flood waters recede

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Race season at Wyandotte County's Lakeside Speedway has come to a screeching halt after a nearby levee broke and flooded the track.

General manager and owner of the speedway, Pete Howey said a levee north of the track gave way Saturday, sending their dirt speedway and three of the seven buildings under water.

"Just the way the water rushed in was pretty devastating," Howey said. "One of them is a 10 foot tall building and I think I have about two foot of roof showing so it's pretty far under."

The season has been postponed about five or six weeks, until they get everything cleaned up.

Howey said he's not worried about the money they'll lose but their Lakeside fans and family. Racing fanatic Justin Lawson agrees.

"It's like having your living room flooded where you gather with your family for entertainment and conversation and fellowship," Lawson said. "This is more than just a business loss, this is family involvement."

While the flood water put the speedway's season on a brief hiatus, store owners in Parkville said it's been good for business.

People from all over have flocked to see the flood water in Parkville that now covers English Landing Park up almost to the railroad.

Jeffrey Cunningham said the water closed the entrance to his store but they laid some rock and made a new pathway.

"We had 450 people through here yesterday," Cunningham said. "A typical Saturday is about 150 to 200 people. So a lot of people."

Cunningham said his only worry is losing customers when the water recedes.

Howey said that day can't come soon enough.

"Give us a couple weeks and we'll be back to action," Cunningham said. "Like I like to say, the dirt will fly again at Lakeside Speedway.

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