UPDATE: Owner identified after KCI employee searches for lost military doll’s home

UPDATE: Good news! Dina Morley tells FOX4 that someone recognized the doll and reached out to the owner’s family. They’re now working to reunite the doll and the little girl on Tuesday.

Original story: 

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A KCI employee is trying to help reunite a lost keepsake with its owner.

Dina Morley, a valet services employee, said last week an airport passenger found a Huggs to Go military doll on the floor at Terminal B and brought it to her, hoping she could figure out who it belongs to.

Morley said she kept it at a valet desk for a few days, but no one came to claim it. Now she’s hoping the power of social media will help get the doll back to its home.

“It’s got to be very important to a little girl,” she said.

The doll is outfitted in tan and green camouflage, and there’s a picture of what Morley believes to be a little girl and her father where the doll’s face would be.

“When I was a little girl, I was very much attached to my dolls, and this one looks like it would be very sentimental to someone,” Morley said.

If you know who the doll belongs to, you can contact Morley through email or reach out to FOX4 at we’ll pass the information along.

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