Riverside company mounts nine-foot termite on top of hearse to spread pest awareness

RIVERSIDE, Mo. -- People in Riverside are doing double-takes, experts say it's to remind them of a not-so pleasant part of spring.

A termite company brought what it calls the "world's largest termite" to the city. The nine-foot termite is mounted on a hearse, and the owners are using it as a reminder that it's spring and termites and other bugs are ready to start crawling around -- and into your home.

"This is a wood eating insect that will actually eat your home. It consumes wood, from the paper on your drywall to studs to sub-flooring and hardwood floors," said Jay Everitt with Rottler Pest Solutions.

Experts say homeowners need to keep an eye on what's happening in and around your house. If you suspect either a termite or insect infestation, the sooner you can get it treated, the better.

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