Family mourns KC construction worker who died following long fall at downtown work site

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Family and friends are remembering a construction worker who died earlier this week in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

"He loved each and everyone of them and always made sure they knew that," Christina O'Sullivan said, wife of Dakota O'Sullivan.

Dakota made sure Christina knew she was loved the day of the accident. Three hours before he passed, she received a text from her husband.

"I was irritated with the kids in the morning because I was running late for work and he texted me and told me 'I love you' and to have patience and texted me again and said 'I love you beautiful.'"

Together they have two children and one on the way.

"Did daddy come visit you in your dream last night?" Christina asked their 3-year-old daughter. She answered, "Yeah, we just played games."

Christina's mom, Rachel Shine, said this was one of Dakota's favorite spots to bring the kids.

"So we just thought this would be a wonderful place to memorialize his his memory," Shine said.

She watched as yellow and black balloons soared to meet the son she called her own.

"He always came outside to greet me in the snow, rain, it didn't matter," Shine said.

Shine went on to say what she would hear from Dakota, "'Hi mom! How do I look mom? Do I still got my muscles? Do I still look buff, mom?'"

Christina had shirts made to show off Dakota's favorite things -- his muscles.

"And I know he's going to heaven so we had to add that in there," Christina said.

His arms are still holding Christina in tough times just in a different way.

"I just know that he's up there and he's trying to hold me together," Christina said. "Because I don't know how to do this without him to be honest."

Dakota will be laid to rest on Friday, April 5.

As for the construction site, the project is at a stand still until the investigation into Dakota's death is complete. Officials say it could be back in operation as early as Monday.

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