2 Hickman Mills students believe they were given marijuana-laced brownies; KCPD investigating

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Hickman Mills student is in hot water after allegedly bringing marijuana-laced brownies to school.

Kansas City police say two students ate the food without knowing it contained drugs and got sick to the stomach. The alleged incident happened March 28 at the Hickman Freshman Center along Old Santa Fe Road.

According to Darin Snapp with the Kansas City Police Department, one of the students complained that their stomach was hurting after eating a brownie a friend had given them. That same student also reported feeling strange.

The vice principal alerted police of the issue.

When they called the student who allegedly had the brownies to the office and asked whether she had any brownies in her possession she said, "no." Nothing was found when her belongings were searched. The matter's now in the hands of Missouri's Family Support Division.

Hickman Mills School District issued the following statement:

"For clarification this alleged incident does not involve food prepared by our nutrition services staff ... We are aware of a situation at one of our schools where students may have been sickened by a cannabis-infused food product. Making sure that everyone is safe when they come to school is always the priority. The school district is working with the Kansas City Police Department to investigate."

Neighbors of the district's freshman center said this only scratches the surface of their concerns..

A fence divides the Hickman Mills School District Freshman Center and the neighborhood right behind it. The fence was built about a year ago after people who live in the area got fed up.

"Since we've been here, drug activity on the school parking lot -- we've reported it. Nobody at the time seemed to care," said a neighbor, who asked not to be identified.

The woman said the previous owners of her house moved after two attempted break-ins. She has reported concerns to school administrators and said there's not been much cooperation in addressing the issues.

"So if parents just get involved, neighbors, kind of how it used to be, we'd be a lot better off," the neighbor said.

So when she and other neighbors learned a student at the freshman center is now being investigated after allegedly giving out marijuana-laced brownies, she was frustrated but not surprised.

"You have a small fire. If you do not put it out, it can get out of control. So the news I've heard today -- no, I'm not surprised. It's going to get worse because schools are merging over there, and so I pray and hope they do something about it," the neighbor said.

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