‘Like boom boom boom’: Neighbor recounts KC house exploding moments after she got home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Neighbors said seeing a KC house explode Wednesday afternoon was like hearing and feeling a bomb go off.

Mariana Delgado said her mother Elsa had just parked at home, near E. 15th Terrace and Fremont Avenue.

She said she heard “three big explosions, like boom boom boom. She opened the door to get out when she felt the pressure pulling her back.”

Then, in front of her eyes, her next door neighbor’s home exploded and collapsed.

“She couldn’t breathe. She was scared. She didn’t know what to do, so she called 911 and she ran down the alley," Mariana said, translating from Spanish for her mother.

The exact moment was caught on camera from the neighbor just across the street and also from a laundromat on the corner. See the security camera footage in the video player above.

“The walls came out. The roof came down," Kansas City Deputy Fire Chief Jimmy Walker said as crews combed through what was left of the home. "There are a lot of hidden areas where fire is, and we can’t readily get to it. So we have do a lot of chopping and digging.”

The spring wind also slowed the process, leaving neighbors like Jamie Zambrano with nothing to do but watch and wait.

“I know there’s a gentleman. I hope he was not there," he said. "I believe with all my heart that no one was there.”

Despite those hopes, crews did find a body in the pile of rubbish that, just hours before, was someone’s home.

“It’s really sad. Really, really sad,” Zambrano said.

One man told FOX4 his boss was staying in the home and had been having some trouble with an ex-boyfriend. He described his boss as a “good man, hardworking.”

Investigators haven’t identified the person pulled from the home or the cause of the explosion at this time.

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