After bricks fall from 3 buildings, Liberty officials plan drone inspections downtown

LIBERTY, Mo. -- The city of Liberty is going to new heights to make sure buildings on its historic square are safe.

According to the city, bricks fell from three buildings in the area over the past several months. An employee with the city said the buildings don't pose risk to anyone -- at least not yet.

"These are just cosmetic. They are not structural," said Sara Cooke with the city of Liberty. "But because of that, we are bringing in a third-party engineer to make a visual inspection to see if there are any property maintenance issues."

Inspections will focus on about 50 buildings around Liberty's downtown square.

The city doesn't own any of the buildings in question, so the engineer will use a drone to inspect the outside of the buildings.

"The maintenance of the buildings is the property owners' responsibility," Cooke said. "Once the report is done, if there are any issues identified, we will let the property owners know, and they can take the necessary steps."

Building owners can apply for financial help with the city to make some repairs.

Liberty is taking a proactive approach to the buildings partially because, in 2016, a former furniture store under renovation on the square collapsed.

The inspections are scheduled to begin April 14.

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