Missing Ohio dog found exactly one year later in Florida

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SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio – A beloved dog that went missing from South Euclid was found exactly one year later at an animal shelter in the Florida Panhandle, according to WJW.

Described as the best, furry birthday present ever, teenager Lydia Perlman said her 3-year-old, 14lb Pekinese named Bruno never left her side.

Lydia said, "We found him at a shelter in Parma. My parents surprised me."

But just 7 months after settling into his new home in South Euclid, Bruno disappeared.

"My dad was walking him and he had his harness and his leash on and all of a sudden, he just ran away. And this was at 9 p.m."

Mom, Carolyn Perlman wondered, "Was he hit by a car? Did someone take him? Are they treating him ok? Just always wondering where he is."

"I think that someone stole him because right away, he wasn't there and we went around right away,” Lydia said.

Bruno went missing on Friday, April 13, 2018.

Efforts to find him included scouring the neighborhood and making dozens of posts on social media.

But then, exactly one year to the day on Saturday, April 13, 2019, the Perlman’s received a phone call from an animal shelter in the Florida Panhandle.

You see, Bruno was micro-chipped.

"Someone brought him in because he was wandering around the neighborhood for a couple of days in the rain And we were all screaming, we were so happy," Lydia said.

Once back home, Bruno will be joined by his new brother, a lab-mix named Jared who was rescued by the Perlman’s a few weeks after Bruno went missing.

The family's year-long search now has a happy ending.

Carolyn and her husband are currently planning a road trip to bring Bruno home.

"We all can't wait to squeeze him and see that little face again," she said.

In case you’re wondering how he got his name, Lydia said Bruno Mars is her favorite singer.

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