‘She was speechless’: KCK police replace 6-year-old’s stolen bike in a big way

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The KCK Police Department went the extra mile -- literally -- to make things right with a 6-year-old Friday.

"These are her heroes," Lexi's grandma Theresa Garza said.

Lexi's heroes came out in full force after Garza posted on Twitter saying she had a "not-so-friendly" encounter with an officer on top of losing her most prized possession.

"Her bike was taken," KCKPD Juvenile Engagement Coordinator Elaine Moore said. "That's tragic for a 6-year-old!"

Moore knew she needed to step in, in a big way. A special delivery for Lexi involving four officers quickly spiraled into something of a parade.

"They were like I want to go, I want to go, I want to go," Moore said laughing. "I was like c'mon!"

The destination: Lexi's house.

"I was in tears when I saw them," Garza said.

About a dozen officers with KCK's Community Policing Unit rolled up with a brand new pink bike. See the sweet moment in the video player above.

"She was speechless, and her mom says she's never speechless," Moore said.

"Oh my gosh, you know where you can put your new eggs at?" Lexi's mom asked.

"In my bike!" Lexi answered. "Yep," her mom said, "High five!"

Moore made a basket full of goodies, too.

"I like the basket," Lexi said, "and that thing that goes ding, ding."

While taking her fresh set of wheels for a test drive, Lexi almost fell off. Moore was there to catch her.

"She hit a little rough patch, but I think she'll be fine," Moore said.

After this grand gesture, Moore hopes Lexi sees that the police department is there to help.

"We see a lot of people who are victims, and we aren't always able to make things right. But in this one small instance, we are," KCKPD Officer Jonathon Westbrook said.

"We're community policing. It's what we do," Moore said.

Garza knows that. "We love this community so much," she said. "To have them do this for her just means so much. It just means a great deal."

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