Early week rain, cooler temps



First off, I hope you had a happy Easter (if you celebrate.)  It ended being a really nice day for anything outdoors.  It was a bit windy, obviously.  That will was part of the fuel that got us into the mid 80s!

Even though Easter was on April 1 last year, it’s worth noting that it snowed an inch last year!   I don’t see any of that on the horizon, but I’m looking at a little rain to begin the week.

As I write this, the front off to the west has produced a few severe thunderstorm warnings thus far.  It’s moving at about 30 mph ENE.  What does that mean for us?  I think the further north you are, you’re likely to get a few rumbles of thunder mixed in with your rain.  Further south?  You may avoid some of the rain completely…for now.

I’m expecting this to hold off until well after midnight.  It will run into drier air and as the heating of the day wears away, these storms will drop below severe limits.  They won’t last for too long, but the front will move through later in the day and switch our wind to the west while ushering in some cooler conditions.

It’s not going to be an all day rain Tuesday, but I would expect a few more locations to get rain versus Monday.  It’s going to be a bit more dreary, and of course, cooler, as the front leaves us fully by midweek and clears us out to finish the week.

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