Joe’s Weather World: All of a sudden we’re sort of drying out (MON-4/22)

As we swing through the Spring season, the wettest time of the year approaches. Late April through June is when we like to see some decent rains fall. For many reasons really…everything is growing so things need more water…the winds are blowing so the soils get dried out quicker and summer rains typically are more scattered. So you like to see the rains come. Granted for areas that were flooded, and there is still flooding happening across W IA and other parts of the MO River/MS River basin…rain might be a 4 letter word right now…but for other purposes we need the moisture.

There were some rumbles last night and some areas did get some rain…but most went dry. A cold front is coming through the region today and most will be dry from that which is a bit unusual I’d say for a front to come through in April with little rain connected to it.

  • Forecast:

Today: Not as warm as yesterday with highs in the mid 70s. Lots of clouds as well today. A front will come through this afternoon switching the winds to the west. The higher risk of rain is towards the south of the KC region.

Tonight: Variable clouds and cooler with lows in the 40s

Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy and cooler with highs in the 60s. There may be some light showers, especially south of the Metro. Something to watch for some mist or drizzle closer to KC

Wednesday: Should be nice with highs back into the 70s.

  • Discussion:

The morning weather map today shows our next change in the weather coming this way. It’s a cold front. This front will sweep the warmer weather of yesterday away from the area and replace it with more seasonable weather. We hit 85° yesterday and this didn’t surprise me. Models will typically under-forecast warmth with there are 40 MPH winds stirring the atmosphere up and mixing the air. Those winds were blowing yesterday gusting to near 50 MPH!

It’s more or less a seasonable cold front.

I’ll add in radar in case there are some showers or storm that try and percolate…not looking to promising at this point though.

One reason why is that there is a decent cap prevalent about 6-7,000 feet up…so that is certainly not helpful. That warmer air at that level won’t be swept away till tonight…and by then the front will be long gone…so we’re just not synced up for rain/storms locally.

Very quietly this month has had only about 1 1/4″ of moisture on the north side. That’s more than 1″ below average. Southside got hit harder a week ago by those storms and heavy rains…northside missed out.

Over the last 30 days or so you can see that except for areas along the I-35 corridor…it has been drier than average.

and IF we open the data up even more…over the last several months…you can see that there are some dry areas out there…towards central KS especially and towards SE KS as well.

As far as the rain goes this week…there will be a cluster of strong to severe storms developing towards western TX today. This region may generate some sort of upper level wave that comes towards tNE overnight. Where that tracks will determine whether or not we get much or any rain tomorrow. Right now most of the energy looks to pass towards the south of KC…that isn’t a promising look for rain of significance here. Maybe some showers aren’t out of the question, especially south of KC but odds favor not a lot at this point.

The main threats of storms/severe weather today is down towards western TX.

So overall these next 5-7 days are going to see less rain around these parts (probably)

There is another front coming this way over the weekend that will need to be watched for storms.

That’s about it for today…no blog tomorrow probably.

Our feature photo comes from ‎Debi Jordon Zink‎ out in Grain valley this morning!


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