Johnson County Facebook group comes together for cancer patient

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Social media and Facebook pages can help reunite people with missing things and lost pets.

Members of one Johnson County group are going above and beyond for the creator of their page, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

"It's kind of a miracle the way the whole crazy thing happened," Glenn Golden said.

Golden is a lover of rescues and creator of the Lost and Found Pets of Johnson County Facebook page. He also has Stage two Squamous Cell Carcinoma at the base of the tongue.

"My first thoughts were, 'Am I going to die in the next few months? Am I going to have to give, get rid of my dogs? Do I have to call my 92-year-old mother and tell her she's going to out live me?'"

The good news? Golden said it's more than 90% curable with radiation and chemo treatment.

"I feel great," Golden said. "I have no symptoms what so ever."

The bad news? Side effects are brutal.

"It is the last place you want to get radiation treatment. You get sores, you can't swallow, you can't produce saliva, but yeah, it beats dying," Golden said.

Lisa Rockley-Clyne and Golden became friends through his Facebook page. She stopped by with a box full of protein shakes.

"I think towards the end that's all I'll be able to," Golden said.

Rockley-Clyne had a couple other surprises up her sleeve, including an online Kudoboard. Members filled it with pictures and words to give Golden the strength to fight.

"I feel bad for people that get this news and have to fight it by themselves," Golden said. "So, uh, I get 10,000 friends of which I've probably only met 700 of them. The Kansas City rescue community is amazing."

"Glenn has helped so many people in this community," Rockley-Clyne said. "It's hard for me to think that many people don't know him."

Since the post, several anonymous casseroles, gifts and letters have been left at his door step.

"It came in an amazon package and been getting a lot of things like that," Golden said.

Dear friends warmed his heart, too.

"Lisa knitted this for me for my chemo sessions and it's just beautiful, beautiful hand made quilt," he said.

"You know if that makes his day," Rockley-Clyne said, "if that makes one treatment go better, that's all I care about."

While running the page preoccupies his mind, Golden said the members help keep up his positive attitude.

"It means a lot to me and uh, my mind's right for the fight and I'm going to get through it just fine," Golden said.

If you would like to leave Golden a kind message on the Kudoboard, click here.

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