New app will let Lee’s Summit parents monitor kid’s internet use on school-issued laptops

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LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- There's a new way for Lee's Summit parents to keep their child safe on the internet.

As of Tuesday, parents with children in the Lee's Summit School District will get a weekly report of their child's internet activity and search history from school-issued Chromebooks.

Since 2015, all Lee's Summit students from kindergarten to 12th grade have used Chromebooks. Securly is the content filtering system that the Lee's Summit School District uses for those laptops.

The company just added a new a feature in for form of an app called, "Securly Home" for parents.

"Parents have been asking for some help, some more visibility and the ability to work collaboratively with the school district and this app will give them those tools," said Amy Gates, executive director of technology for the Lee's Summit School District. "This new feature allows parents the visibility into their child's searching at home, internet usage at home, and also the ability to put a few more restrictions on the content filtering at home and to pause the internet."

Lee's Summit parents can now sign up for a weekly email report through Securly Home. They'll get a summary of their child's weekly internet usage and searches, and they can even watch their activity in real time through an app.

"If their child is up in their bedroom, they can look at the app and see, are they really looking at their homework," Gates said.

The Securly Home app will give them that tool and will also flag content like searches for things like bullying, self harm or suicide. Gates said the app will help parents have targeted conversations.

"So it opens that conversation about, 'What did you do in school today? I saw you were researching depression. What's that about?'" Gates said.

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