KC police use crime scene tape as makeshift leashes after dogs found during arrest

Two dogs are put on crime scene tape leashes after being rescued from the car of a man who was arrested. Photo from the KCPD.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Facebook post is getting a lot of attention after police used crime scene tape as leashes for a couple of dogs found during an arrest.

The Kansas City Police Department posted a photo on their Facebook page on April 24 of officers with two dogs on the makeshift leashes. According to the post, the officers didn’t have leashes, so they had to improvise.

“Sometimes bad guys have good dogs in cars with them,” the post states. “We have to hold onto them until a family member or Animal Health and Safety officers can come get them.”

Police told FOX4 in a message that they stopped a car at NE Parvin Road and Searcy Creek Parkway because it had expired tags. The people in the car were removed after officers smelled marijuana. Officers then found a bag of hydrocodone pills, which is an opioid, and a man was arrested.

While several people in the comments are applauding the officers for their quick thinking, others are asking how they can donate actual leashes. The police department is working on an answer.

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