Missouri bottled wines could explode, officials warn customers

Eldon, Mo. — Some bottles of wine made in Missouri have a possibility of exploding, according to the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

The agency says that six different types of bottled wine manufactured in Eldon by Casa de Loco could pose the risk of exploding and customers should throw them away immediately.

The types of wine that should be discarded are Applesauced, Bellini Gold, Coming in Hot, Kona Lover Port, OCD and Peachy Thoughts. The Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control says the wine maker never submitted these wines for brand registration, which is required by Missouri law.

The ATC says that a bottle of one of these wines has exploded after being confiscated and there have also been several explosions reported by customers.

Peachy Thoughts and Bellini Gold are two wines that are at risk of exploding, according to Missouri officials.

The unregistered wines have been distributed to stores in St. Joseph, Camdenton, Osage Beach, Salisbury, St. Robert, Stoutland, Sunrise Beach, Warsaw, Wright City, Glasgow, Keyresville, Lebanon and Newburg. The wines could have also been distributed to other areas.

“We are continuing to investigate, however, it’s important that anyone who has these unregistered Casa de Loco products take immediate action to prevent injury,” said ATC State Supervisor Dorothy Taylor.

The owner of the winery said they bottled a small amount and some was stored in warm areas, causing some of the bottles to break. Casa de Loco said they immediately halted bottling and are working to remove the products from the store shelves.

“We ask that any consumer or retailer who has a bottle of the six affected Casa De Loco wines call our offices and report when and where they purchased the wine. The number to call is (573) 751-2964,” Taylor said.

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