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FOX4 and 99.7 the Point test out the ‘Instant Tent’ to see if it sets itself up in seconds

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If you love to camp, but hate the hassle of pitching a tent, you aren't alone. Now there's a tent that promises to set itself up in just seconds!

Does it work? FOX4's Kerri Stowell teamed up with Ponch and Nikki from 99.7 the Point to try it before you buy it.

We bought Instant Tent on the As Seen On TV website on sale for $60. Kerri handed the package to Ponch and Nikki, and they gave their first impressions.

"It's very Captain America-ish," Ponch said.

The Instant Tent

"Right, it looks like a shield," Nikki added, "but easy to store, easy to take a long with me if I'm going camping or if I've got to stay the night here at the station, and we've done that before."

"This doesn't look very durable," she continued. "Let's be honest. I'm a little nervous. A high wind comes by and we're gone. That's what I'm thinking."

Ponch tossed the Instant Tent in the air, and it popped open as promised. The duo climbed inside and checked it out. See all their fun in the video player above.

"It's got a little net door for the bugs," Nikki said. "I mean, I could sleep in it, but not full-blown camping, no."

Sitting next to Nikki, Ponch added: "But throwing it right up and it setting up. That's easy. That's great. Let's see if we can put it back."

Ponch and Nikki tried to fold the tent up with no luck.

"It may be a little harder to put away," Nikki said while laughing.

Kerri showed the pair an instructional video and they tried again. A few minutes later, the tent was folded.

Then it was time for the big question: "Is Instant Tent worth the money?"

"Sixty bucks? Absolutely. That's not very much," Ponch said.

"And I think a lot of kiddos would play with this in a yard, taking this to a park. Just have fun with it. Use and abuse it," Nikki added.

"It's more of a fun thing than a functional thing," Ponch continued. "Fun instead of functional. I'm going to open it again. Watch out!"

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