Kansas Senate overrides governor’s abortion ‘reversal’ veto

Credit: Jordan McAlister Kansas State Capitol (Topeka, Kansas)

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The Kansas Senate has overridden Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto of a bill requiring abortion providers to tell patients about a disputed treatment to stop a medication abortion after it’s been started.

The vote Wednesday was 27-13, just the two-thirds majority needed.

The House would vote next, possibly Wednesday, and appears to have the two-thirds majority needed to override the veto.

Kelly said the bill is an unwarranted intrusion between patients and their doctors.

Abortion opponents say such measures ensure that women harboring doubts about ending their pregnancies will learn that they can stop a medication abortion after the first of two pills. Abortion-rights supporters say such mandates force doctors to present patients with dubious information.

Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, South Dakota, North Dakota and Kentucky all have similar laws.

This isn’t the only law involving abortions in Kansas. The Kansas Supreme Court recently struck down a ban on a common second trimester abortion procedure.

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