New ‘Uber for lawn care’ app rolls out in KC metro, connecting crews and customers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Caleb Coffman knew launching his own landscaping business would be an uphill battle. He was concerned about recruiting new customers without the benefit of an advertising budget.

Now, Coffman says his business is offered more work than he can handle.

“There’s not a day that my phone does not go, ‘bing, bing, bing!'" said Coffman, owner of CC Lawn Care.

He said business boomed for his start-up after he registered as a vendor on the new app GreenPal. It’s an app-based service that matches customers and landscapers in the same way as Uber.

“A miracle really, honestly,” Coffman said. “The amount of bids you can get without actually having to go out and put your business card out on a door.”

GreenPal launched in 2012. It’s now available in 75 U.S. markets with more than 750,000 customers. The service rolled out in the Kansas City metro in April.

Homeowners list their lawn by signing up for the app and submitting a picture. Then, using that picture and an assortment of others from Google, certified, pre-screened vendors like Coffman can bid on the job.

“I honestly need to be looking at hiring a crew,” Coffman said. “I’m generating this much business opportunity through this app.”

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